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OK, so if your sure its over and you want a divorce you need to make sure you have a plan. Considering how he's locked you out the house before, make sure you have money on the side maybe even a secret account that you can get to, or let your parents hold the money for you. Make sure you and your son have a place to stay, even if it means lining up an apartment. Make sure you have the money, home, and any other necessary resources in line BEFORE you tell him its over. Make sure he can't hide your keys or take your purse in order to make you stay with him. Even if you have to leave your things with your bff, or have duplicate copies of keys and anything necessary. Just make sure there is no way you can be left desperate and stranded. You take charge! I hope you can do this in some kind of public arena but its most likely probably not possible.

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Do you have family members who can come over to watch your back while you tell him? You should have a phone close by like in your pocket in case he acts crazy. Since it sounds like you've married a real asshole, take your son to a "playdate" while you drop the news so he isn't used as some pawn and so you know how safe its going to be around his father. Also so your son doesn't overhear this conversation. I can't stress enough that you need to make sure you have money on the side just because you never know with a man like this. You've stayed this long, make plans so your not at his mercy. Now as far as the actual conversation, he probably won't take it well no matter how when or where you say it. I guess your just going to have to be honest and tell him your no longer happy and you want a divorce. I don't know, your the best judge of your husband. I would probably just say it when he's not already in an angry mood. I wouldn't even start a whole argument about it. If your absolutely positive this is what you want (this time) then I would say my peace and move forward. It seems like you two are young and breakup and makeup a lot. So just make sure you are 1000% sure this is what you truly want. Good luck!

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Is it that he stayed out late, or who he stayed out late with?

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Shoe on the other foot – yeah, I’d be annoyed/feel smothered if I was dating someone who got pissy at me for staying out late with friends on my birthday. If it wasn’t the staying out late, but the who I stayed out late with – I’d do my best to get my backpage GF and the person he had concerns about to be friends or at least friendly. I’d make an effort to show my BF that this friend respects him and our backpage relationship. Have dinner with the two of them alone, stuff like that. I’d do my best to build bridges and meet the guy halfway. If after that things are still untenable, I’d probably dump the guy.

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