Craiglist Hook Up Tip: The Unmask Method

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Here’s a somewhat different way of attracting and meeting women. Yea — this is a tip post  a simple hook up tip — for guys who happen to read Craigslist. Teehee.

The Unmask Method

How does it go exactly?

Well, according to Craigslist , you and your mate should…

One, use an opener that’s untrusive and un-alarming. Something like, “Hi, do you mind if we sit with you at this table until our other friend gets here? She’s running late for some reason.” Of course, it should be in a venue that’s somehow packed and would give you a reason to ask that from these women, okay?

Two, once seated you will act as if you and your Craigslist mate had no intention of starting a conversation with the two women. Keep an open ear to what they are talking about but continue talking to your mate about other things.

Three, after a moment or two you should…

Move a little closer to the girl nearest to you and lean in. With a smile, look her straight in the eye and say: “Okay, I have a question for you. Imagine you were sitting over there at the bar and you saw two girls, like yourselves, sitting at a table like this one. Then, you saw two guys like us come over like we did, sit down and start talking to those girls. What would you think?”

From my point of view, this simple question has the potential to be effective. It’s a situational question that will provide an avenue for people from Craigslist in that table to engage in a conversation that somehow highlights the opinion of the other person and not your own. A girl will find it flattering since it somehow shows that you appreciate her mind.

That, my friend, is how The Unmask Method works.

Go on. I know you’re dying to try it. Just make sure you’ll come back and let me know how it goes. Heehee.

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Online Dating: Hook up or Hang up?

I thought I’d do the honours of whipping up a poll question. [I hope you don’t mind, Gayla!] Yea — it’s the first poll question here at Loveawake.

Dating Dame Sasha Asks:

Online Dating: Hook up or Hang up?

Options are:

Hook up just means you view online dating positively.

Hang up means you view it negatively.

I can date online?!, er, is pretty self-explanatory.

The poll is located on the sidebar, just look to the right of your screen. It’ll take you a minute to choose your answer and hit the vote buttons. We hope you can find time to participate! We’d love to hear your thoughts on the matter!

Thanks much!

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